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Roman Rottweiler

Posted on: May 5th, 2010 by admin 416 Comments

roman rottweiler
Uk Rottweiler and American rottweiler differences!!?

Having looked threw some pictures of rottweilers i have noticed that the rottweilers in america look leggier and narrower, In my opinion most of the rottweilers in the u.s Look horid, The average blocky Rottie in the uk put them to shame on the looks front. I know German rotties are supposed to be slightly shorter and blockier and then there is the roman rottweiler which is different again, Anybody have a favourite or care to add?

As a rottie owner myself, I’ve noticed that asking this question, the question “what is the difference between an american rott verses a german rott” will produce as many answers as poeple acomplia online as you ask! Including breeders themselves! And then there are people who say the only difference is where they were born.

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It used to drive me nuts when I first got her. One person would tell me that German rotts are bigger, someone else would say no, American is bigger cause america always makes things bigger than life, etc.

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I just gave up and let people think what they want. It seems everybody is a know-it-all on the subject so just let them think that!

Besides, everyone has the best looking or smartest or cutest dog in their own eyes anyway, right?

Rottweiler *BUTCHERS DOG* ~Naledge~

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