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Rottie Gifts

Posted on: May 6th, 2010 by admin 952 Comments

rottie gifts
Is it my puppy?

My boyfriend of a year and a half are buying a home together

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and will be getting married within the next year.
This morning he told me he had a surprise for me- it was a beautiful rottie puppy.
I was so excited, and immediatley picked out the name “Bella” (it means beautiful)..
He laughed and told me he let his kids (ages 16, 6, and 4) pick out the dogs name Kasey…
Although I am thankful for the “gift” I do not want the dog’s name to be Kasey…..
I asked him if it was a family gift, or a gift for me- and he said he got her for me- but he thought it was OK for the kids to name it-
right now I really am peeved that “I” got a dog but have no rights to it-

If it is your puppy given to you as a gift, then you have all rights to name the puppy. If he had wanted his children to name the puppy, then he was giving the puppy to his children. He needs to explain to his children that the puppy is a gift for you and never should have encouraged his children to name the puppy for you.

Honestly, if you are truly angry about this I believe there might

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be more to this than just naming a puppy. Maybe it has more to do with his lack of insincerity. Do you buying acomplia online feel he has a tendency to put your needs last?

Rottie likes his gifts

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