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Rottweiler Large Dog

Posted on: April 15th, 2010 by admin 912 Comments

Rottweiler Large Dog
Innova dog food versus Eukanuba, which is better for Rottweiler?

I have a growing Rotti puppy. I’m feeding her Innova large breed puppy food, but my breeder says it’s not nutritious and recommends I feed her Eukanuba instead.

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Which one is better? Or is another brand of dry dog food better than both of these?

For many large/giant breeds it is too rich. I feed my Newfs large breed adult from 10 weeks on, as even the large breed puppy is too high in fat and protein. Large and giant breeds should have ideally 24% protein. Nothing more. Slow growth is what you shoot for. Now if Innova large breed adult meets that, fine…although my Newfs never could tolerate Innova and thrive on Eukanuba.
According to many on here, Eukanuba is a BAD food, but my dogs do great on it and do not do great on some of the foods they call good…like Innova, Canidae, Wellness…and so on. You have to judge what your dog does the best on that is in the pretein levels that suit your breed.

**After seeing the analysis on it, you can feed the large breed puppy. cialis prescription It is 24% protein, so it should be fine.
If your dog does well on it, I would not change.

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? Zac is a big rottweiler, yes a rottie.

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