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Rottweiler Shirt

Posted on: April 19th, 2010 by admin 1,177 Comments

rottweiler shirt

Dog Clothing: not Just a Novelty

Dog Clothing: Not Just a Novelty

There are still a lot of people who think that dog clothes are frivolous. Perhaps it’s because they haven’t really understood the importance of having them around. If you’re one of them, perhaps it’s time that you try to see things in a different light. Would you go naked during winter months or allow yourself to be totally exposed to the harmful rays of the sun during summer? If your answers are no, then that gives you a short explanation why dog clothing isn’t just a form of novelty these days.


Why Your Dogs Need to Wear Shirts


There are a variety of shirt designs available, and all of them can absolutely make your dog look lovely and trendy. does cialis make you last longer However, they can also offer protection and comfort to them. Tees will always be one of the most ideal choices when it comes to keeping your dog secure all throughout the season. They are excellent to protect their bodies from the sun’s rays during the summer and to keep

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them warm during cold weather. Moreover, they can prevent tick or flea infestation since the shirts will act as barriers. If you decide to keep bugs away from your dog, all you need to do is to spray the chemical on the shirt and not on your dog, where the skin may absorb it and may cause some health problems later.


Health wise, a T-shirt will give your dog a chance to enjoy the sun without developing sunburn—yes, they are just like us. As a matter of fact, skin cancer is one of the leading illnesses among different breeds. This is because the UV rays of the sun can also burn their skin and cause them to lose their natural protection against the sun’s harmful rays.


The Purpose of Large Dog Clothing


Large dog clothes are ideal for the “big ones,” especially for those that don’t have really thick fur or hairs such as the Rottweillers and the Great Danes. This is because when the weather starts to drop, they are unable to keep themselves insulated or warm. A large sweater will not only make them feel comfortable and snuggly, but will also help those suffering from arthritis to enjoy the colder season. The sweater can reduce the pain of those aching joints.


The little ones, meanwhile, can benefit from rain slickers, rain coats, and rain jackets. They offer the same amount of protection as big dog clothes, with the added benefit of staying dry in wet conditions. A lot of the dog rain coat styles are equipped with reflective strips to warn drivers of their presence.

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If you want to keep your dogs healthy at all times, while allowing them to express themselves, don’t let them go naked. Give them something to wear.


Dog clothing isn’t just a mere piece of luxury. It is also a very essential item, something that offers protection and comfort to your dogs. Dog jackets from Puppia are made of very soft materials, offering superior comfort to your dog. They also come with adjustable straps and belts, as well as reflective strips. What are you waiting for?


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