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what kind of dog food is best for a rotweiller puppy

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what kind of dog food is best for a rottweiler puppy

hello. i will give you a short list of good foods, check them out on the web for more info : solid gold { what i feed my mastiff and rhodesian ridgeback }, Newman’s own, blue buffalo, Merrick, chicken soup, canidae, innova { innova evo is the top product of their line }, wellness { wellness core is their best, California naturals, natural balance, taste of the wild, Artemis, and avoderm. these are all good foods, and are available at most pet stores.

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solid gold has never been recalled, and the product is made at their own plant, a plus for me. just remember to stay away from these foods or companies : science diet { they use ground up peanut hulls as a filler } iams, eukanuba, ol-roy { that stuff/crap is beyond gross }, anything alpo, anything purina, and pedigree. these foods have corn, soy, wheat-gluten { remember the dog food recall }, by-products, fillers, sugar { corn syrup } ..kibbles n bits by far has the worst sugar content..a Twinkies for your dog to eat, and rendered animal parts. animal parts ?? yes, eyeballs, feathers, skin/fur, beaks, hooves, and EUTHANIZED animals that are sold to a plant for profit by cialis soft tabs cheap vets, shelters, farms, and some road-kill clean-up crews. yeah, GROSS but true. hope this helps you, and good luck with the pup !!! big-dogs rule !!!

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