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Rottweiler T Shirts

Posted on: May 6th, 2010 by admin 578 Comments

rottweiler t shirts
How do you stop a puppy from jumping on to people

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I have a 6-month old Pit bull/rottweiler/Cane Corso mix puppy. She is the biggest female of her litter. She is constantly jumping on people as in putting her paws on their shoulders almost. How do i stop this? She has already ripped a T-shirt and my favorite football jersey!!

Don’t do the knee thing. It isn’t positive reinforcement plus you can do great damage to your dog by accidentally catching it in the wrong part of her body.

turn your back, ignore her until she sits. Teach her a rock solid sit and ask for that when you know she is likely to jump up. Dogs jump up because they want to “lick our muzzles” and get to our hands and faces. So, when she sits politely, kneel to her level so she can sniff your face and interact with you.

Another thing to try is keeping your feet where they are and shifting your weight TOWARDS her or turn sideways. This causes her to lose her balance and makes you like Teflon. If she finds that she can’t “stick” when she jumps up, and only gets attention when she has “Four on the Floor” she will give up jumping.

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Rottweiler Master using a T-shirt after surgery
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