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Training Rottie

Posted on: May 7th, 2010 by admin 760 Comments

training rottie
after being fully house trained for ages my 6 month old rottie bitch has started peeing in the house?

she was very ill a few months

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ago and we nearly lost her but she still managed to drag herself out of the house when she needed to go, so

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this is out of character for her,she has just had her first season and the two seem to co-inside could there be a connection.

Second buy acomplia online without prescription season in only 6 months?? Get your facts straight and then re-ask the question, Rotties rarely have their FIRST heat before 7-10 months. and yours is only 6 months and has already had two? I don’t think so. If that IS the case, she is having “female” problems and needs to be spayed. Thats probably why the peeing in the house.

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