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Rottweiler Gifts

Posted on: April 17th, 2010 by admin 953 Comments

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Does Crown Royal and Jack Daniel’s whiskey taste the same or have same flavors? Plus is this a good gift?

I just started a relationship with a man who drinks whiskey

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? He drink the cheap brand to save on money but I wanted to give him something special for Christmas. We have been seeing each other for month a half once or twice a week. On one date I think he said something about Jack Daniels. I don’t want to ask him what brand he like because that would ruin the surprise. But I heard that Crown Royal is better. So I’m trying to find a nice gift for him. Is whiskey even a good gift to give in a new relationship. He also likes muscle cars, motorcycles, dirt bikes love his dog a rottweiler and smoke cigarettes. I also was thinking about giving him a zippo lighter. Do you think that will be a better gift? Please help me with gift ideas!

They are very different. Jack Daniels is a Tennessee Whiskey, a close cousin to bourbon. It is mainly made from corn and has a sweet sort of finish.

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It is aged in Oak which gives it some mellowing, and charcoal filtered.

Crown Royal is a Canadian Whiskey. The Canadian Whiskeys are not known for their outstanding, bold flavors. They are noted for their “smoothness” (while that sounds like a good thing, it really translates to boring)

How about Old Forester Signature?

It’s a great whiskey, won some awards and got excellent reviews, but isn’t fru-fru. Hangs well with the muscle car set.

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