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Training Rotties

Posted on: May 5th, 2010 by admin 617 Comments

training rotties
Does this make you mad ?

I Had both my Rotties at the lake taking a nice walk. Keep in mind my too guys are a total of 278 lbs of dog.Two parents let their 3or 4 year years old kids come running and screaming up to my dogs to pet them. Both of my Rotties are trained to sit immedialy but one paw or one little nuge could have knocked the kids down. I ask the parents to contol their kids but they said– ahh they just love dogs.

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Would you let you let your kids run up to a strange dog?

Many parents are freaking idiots.

And then the dog gets blamed if the child gets hurt.

I have a “cute” breed. Parents see no reason not to let their children run up to them and hug them.

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Fortunately, most of my dogs love children, but Rosie is afraid of them and if one hugged her I’m afraid she might bite them.

I’d have been a lot less nice than you were.

>but they said– ahh they just love dogs.<<< I'd probably have said something like "They won't love dogs if they run up to the wrong one and it rips their face open."

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